From Former BECA Parents

After almost two years in the BECA preschool program, my husband and I were very concerned that (our son) was not being challenged enough to prepare for kindergarten.  Because of this concern, we decided to move him into the district’s program. 

Within the first couple of weeks, it was clear that (our son) was way ahead of the other students in his class.  He was academically performing at a first grade level.  The daily activities he’s doing now in the “advanced preschool class” are things that your staff was doing with (our son) when he was only three years old.  

Furthermore, the lack of physical activity on a daily basis is taking a toll.  There is no way that many programs can compete with the amount of physical activities your teachers were doing with DJ every day at BECA, from multiple recesses to daily walks outside and gym time during bad weather. Now, there are days where he spends all day in the same room. 

At the end of the day, your staff was committed to pushing him outside of his comfort zone to build valuable fundamental skills a student will need for academic success.   We are forever grateful for the love your staff poured into him emotionally and academically.  Now, we are struggling to make sure he is challenged on a daily basis.  It’s been a struggle, and he tells us that he misses “his old school” nearly every day.

Thank you for the commitment you’ve made to having a great program.  If you have any “first timer” parents who are also worried, please share with them my experiences.  BECA went above and beyond in preparing (our son) for the next level! 


Derek and Valerie Dennis