Mission Statement

We are a God-Led, Christ-Centered, Spirit-Empowered, People-Focused and Praying Church whose mission is to help others find Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and to help its members grow in discipleship and love of our Lord.

Elements that Describe Bethel's Vision

​FOUNDATION: At its core, Bethel is a warm and welcoming community church which fulfills the needs of a diverse membership open and reaching out to all of God's people. We recognize who we specifically target to serve, but will leave no one behind when they seek us out. Our foundation is Christ-centered worship and ministry that reaches out to our members and community ...near and far.

HOPE: We recognize there are times in a person's life when he/she needs "hope". Bethel offers that hope to those who need hope ...whether it is hope to weary parents, troubled souls, people in transition, the aging, teens, or children. In short, we offer Hope to all we serve.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Bethel is a nuturing place where people can feed their spiritual hunger. We recognize that people are at different stages of their own spiritual journeys. We respect that and help people develop and grow spiritually at their own pace. We offer church activities in which all our congregants and visitors may participate, no matter where they are in their journey.

MINISTRY: At Bethel, we take Ministry from our door door to your door. We recognize that in giving, we recieve more in return. Bethel encourages the use of your time, talent, and treasure to be creative and innovative in fulfilling our ministries.

THINKING CHURCH: We are a "thinking" church. We challenge what we hear and see. Bethel members seek to enrich current practices by being open to practices from other faith traditions. Bethel makes a difference ... in our lives, in the community, and in the roles we model for each other. We think about how the scripture applies to our daily lives and act in ways to model good Christian leadership.

CRITICAL MASS: Our membership has the critical mass to get things done. Bethel primary serves the Pike Township community through 300+ active members. We have the resources and horsepower to accomplish our collective vision and to offer personal growth to our members and a variety of needed programs to our varied stakeholders. New members and visitors seek us out because we have a reputation for meeting needs and getting things done.

REFUGE: We provide a refuge from the cluttered, fast pace world around us. Sometimes we need to find a comfortable and secure place to collect our thoughts, regain balance, and determine priorities. Bethel is a refuge where people in need can do this.

MISSION AND OUTREACH: Bethel is a missions-centered congregation. We serve others near and far ...and recieve more than we give. We recognize personal growth through ministry and missionary work. We help others fulfill and develop basic needs ...literacy reading, food pantry. meals at Fletcher Place, recovery programs, diaster recovery ...to name a few.

THERE'S SOMETHING GOING ON: Something relevant for all ages/generations of members and visitors -- There's always something going on 7 days a week ...not just on Sunday morning. We offer exciting, fun, Christian programming for children, an outstanding music ministry with varied offerings, a visual arts program, and varied seniors' program.

​ACCESSIBLE: Bethel is accessible. We strive to avoid being "out of sight and out of mind" ...both in terms of location and awareness. Communications at Bethel (inside and outside) is a core competency that facilitates broader active involvement of a majority of congregates. We strive to communicate with our church community and others by means that provide an accessible, clear and inviting statement of what our activities are how to get involved. Bethel facilities ...in terms of size, location, and features ...reflect and reinforce our commitment to this vision.

Bethel's Purpose