Bethel Breakfast Club meets once a month for....? Did you guess it? Yes, that's right...Breakfast! Join us when you can at 9:00 a.m. We have a nice time chatting and trying new places for breakfast with our good Bethel friends.

Feb 2 - Pastor's Sharon & Jacob's wedding reception breakfast - Bethel Family Life Center

Mar 2 - Denny's -  6421 Crawfordsville Rd, Speedway

April 6 - Paragon,  118 S. Girls School Rd.

May 4 - Hotcakes Emporium - 8555 Ditch Rd.

June 1 - Sun Shine Breakfast & Grill, 5116  W. 38th (turn into Red Lobster)

July 6 - LePeep, 6335 InTech Commons

Got any fun breakfast places that we don't know about????  Don't keep it to yourself!  Join us for breakfast and we'll discuss your ideas!     We love to scout out new places!

Bethel Breakfast Club (BBC)